Message from the CEO

MESSAGE FROM THE CEO Since we started the New Year, we had no idea that this COVID-19 situation would develop in 2020. Now that the virus is here, we still do not know how we will cope with it and manage it. We certainly do not know the long term social and financial impact of […]

4 Most common challenges in automation mobile testing

4 MOST COMMON CHALLENGES IN AUTOMATION MOBILE TESTING The advances that mobile applications have made within the past few years are astounding. Nowadays, mobile apps extend far beyond cell phones. Cars, wearable accessories, and even home security systems have implemented mobile apps into their features. Within seconds, a person can make a quick phone call […]

The most important differences between Agile and DEVSECOPS

THE MOST IMPORTANT DIFFERENCES BETWEEN AGILE AND DEVSECOPS Companies who are unfamiliar with database testing tools and processes often confuse or interchange agile development and DevSecOps with each other. However, these two processes are completely distinct from each other despite their similar objectives. Logix Guru reviews these two distinctive methodologies as well as what makes them different […]

Issues within agile testing, explained by a Test Automation Guru

ISSUES WITHIN AGILE TESTING, EXPLAINED BY A TEST AUTOMATION GURU You may be thinking to yourself, “what is agile testing?” or “what is a test automation guru?”. Simply put, agile testing is when testing is able to work alongside development. Traditionally, people wouldn’t begin testing software or products until after development was completed. This meant that […]

Top 8 Database Testing Tools Your Application Developers Should know about

Top 8 Database Testing Tools Your App Developers Should know About If you are developing an app, you need to test its data integrity at some point. Database testing is crucial for evaluating the overall performance of your app. You’re not going to release the app until it’s ready. But you won’t be able to […]

5 Things you should test your mobile application for

5 THINGS YOU SHOULD TEST YOUR MOBILE APP FOR After months of hard work on your new mobile app, you finally have a prototype to show for it. But before you make your big market debut, you need to test it. Any issues or problems you find with your app can be fixed during the […]

Top 5 Questions to ask during a job interview for an IT position

TOP 5 QUESTIONS TO ASK DURING A JOB INTERVIEW FOR AN IT POSITION Finding a job during the pandemic can be incredibly stressful and challenging. You might have to submit dozens of applications to various places before even getting an interview request. But don’t give up! In this digital age, most companies will need an […]

Top 4 Reasons why Pittsburgh is a Great City for IT Job Seekers

Top 4 Reasons why Pittsburgh is a great city for IT Job Seekers Since the pandemic hit, it has been harder than ever to secure a job. Many companies are losing money and being forced to downsize, which means that more employees are leaving than entering. This inevitably leads to a massive applicant pool competing […]