Message from the CEO

Since we started the New Year, we had no idea that this COVID-19 situation would develop in 2020. Now that the virus is here, we still do not know how we will cope with it and manage it. We certainly do not know the long term social and financial impact of it.

From Logix Guru, I want, with humility and gratitude, to thank all of our customers and the Logix Guru Team including IT Professionals, Recruiters and Administration team members for their adaptive initiatives to manage the situation. We all made the sharp pivot and adapted to working remotely, which most of us are still doing.  It is comforting to know that all of our associates and customers are healthy and keeping safe.

At our office, we were able to start a normal routine as we have plenty of space to keep more than the recommended social distance.  

I applaud our Government for taking this bold step to help the businesses, individuals and families that have been affected by COVID-19.

We are thankful to our customers and all of our team that we did not see the need to apply for the Government ‘s Payroll Protection Plan. I am deeply grateful for that.

We continue to engage Logix Guru, in a small way, with our community and help as we can at the personal and organizational levels.  

This will soon pass. Let us maintain the required precautions to stay healthy and keep in high spirits.

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