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At Logix Guru, we help our clients by providing various types of employment. You can find a position that is suited to your needs and preferences.


Logix Guru can help hire an employee on a fixed-term contract, typically for a specific project or period of time, either short or long-term engagements, anywhere from a few months to a couple of years. We can work on a W2 or Corp-to-Corp basis for contractors.

Contract to Hire

When engaging as a contract to hire, the company hires an employee on a temporary contract with the option to convert to a permanent position after a preset period of time. This allows both employee and employer to test the waters before committing to a long-term employment

Direct Hire​​

Perhaps the most direct method of recruitment, we at Logix Guru help you to get a permanent position directly bypassing the use of temporary or contract based employment to help you get that dream job.

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I have been working with Logix Guru for a year. My experience with Logix Guru has been positive and satisfying. The team at Logix Guru is really professional and takes good care of their employees and clients. It is a rewarding experience for employees as Logix Guru invests in its professional team and encourages them to learn and grow in their respective career paths. I will continue to work with Logix Guru and would not hesitate to refer them to new IT Professionals and clients. The company provides you with all the professional growth and support one can ask for.
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Contracting with Logix Guru means ease of doing business. The interview scheduling is easy. You know the outcome of an interview quickly and the process does not add any anxiety. The onboarding paperwork was easy to complete, negotiations went smoothly and there was no need to follow-up on anything. People are friendly and approachable for any questions and transparent about policies.  Their successful partnership with big clients in the industry means stability and rewarding, long term prospects. All of this makes life easy with less to worry about.
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The staff at Logix Guru is everything I'd expect from a recruitment agency. After having poor experiences with other agencies, the professionalism, quick response, and accurate information provided by Logix Guru has restored a positive outlook on the use of job matching services. The associate that contacted me for a position had taken the time to properly match the qualifications, guide and maintain contact with me throughout becoming hired. I would look to this service again before all others.
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I am happy to be working with Logix Guru for close to a year now. I find the team to be professional, responsive and high quality. They were able to place me in a great job with a well known and highly respected Client. I would highly recommend working with Logix Guru. Great IT staffing firm.
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I have been working with Logix Guru for over a year. Logix Guru is a leading IT staffing company which provides a quality management team with vision and a professional and friendly support staff. Best place to work!
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I have been with Logix Guru for close to 3 years. All through these years, the personnel at Logix Guru have always ensured I am paid on time and handled all the admin activities with ease. I have not seen any hidden agendas and all throughout, they maintained the transparency in my Visa processes and Client dealings. I am grateful to be part of this wonderful organization. I feel like I belong here and this is my professional family!
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I am happy and very satisfied with the outcome. In addition to that Logix Guru to my surprise was not just your ordinary head hunting service. You and Ravi are to be commended. You see there are extra steps that you take that the others do not. For example the follow-up, I never had to ask about the progress I was always informed. The interview prep with you and Ravi to help land the job. Meeting at the site on the interview day. Offering lunch. No strings attached no contract and nothing for me to lose. To be honest no other agency has given me this red carpet treatment. And on top of that I got the job and it was good and everything you promised. Believe me and dealing with 7 or so other agencies in my job hunting endeavor, none of them do this. The others set up the appointment, throw you to the wolves and hope for the best. I will and have recommended Logix Guru.
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I would say my experience with Logix Guru has been even better than ideal. The team have shown the utmost integrity and professionalism, and truly went above and beyond to make my transition to an excellent client engagement as smooth as possible. I even got sick in the office 2 hours into my first day, was out sick for 2 more days, and they managed to keep the job for me! Now I'm six months in, and it's a joy to go to work every day, making things happen with a talented team of developers. I can't thank you enough.
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Logix guru helped me to land a position with one of the largest employers in western Pennsylvania. There connections and thoroughness helped to ensure that my transition from contractor to full-time employee was entirely smooth. I would recommend their services to anyone in need of a good position at a great firm. Thanks Logix Guru!
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It gives me great pleasure working for Logix Guru. Everyone I interacted has been professional and very helpful. I wish to thank each and every one. Mainly Ravi has been very helpful from day one. I know he can get answers to my questions with perfection and quickly.
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I worked with Logix Guru for more than a year and it has been a very pleasant experience throughout. They have always been open, honest and fair with me. The team was quick & efficient in processing my H1 transfer, generous with my compensation package and paid me promptly. The team was very understanding, responsive and supportive when I needed to take a long vacation during my illness. They maintained a very good relationship with the client I was working with and diligently handled my concerns with the client. It's been a great pleasure and a wonderful experience working with Logix Guru and I look forward to working with the company again.
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As I have worked with all staff members, I had been treated in a very professional manner. Even though my assignment had been prematurely terminated due to no ones fault. The staff was empathetic and very professional in handling this unfortunate event. They could have been insensitive to this event but exhibited a caring and were very helpful in transitioning from this assignment
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I worked with Logix Guru for more than 2 years. The journey was smooth, no complaints what-so-ever. Staff-members are very professional and my Manager, Ravi Ajmani has always answered my requests with promptness and clarity. He has warm regard for employees.

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