Test Automation Framework

Testing Automation Platform to accelerate Success

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve team productivity and deliver high-quality products and services in a timely manner. In the fast-paced digital landscape, the need for faster testing cycles is more important than ever.

Test Automation is a comprehensive solution that addresses all your test automation needs, including performance, security, and compatibility testing. With its smart features, Test Automation not only streamlines the testing process but also accelerates release cycles by up to 10 times, allowing for faster time-to-market.

Our platform offers five different smart features to enhance the testing experience.

Our Capabilities

Low Code Automation

We have built our Automation module on Selenium, in order to reduce script development effort. We are able to increase time efficiency up to 60%

Intelligent Script Maintenance

We use AI and ML algorithms to automatically detect and fix issues in automation scripts, without the need for manual intervention. This reduces the time and effort required to maintain automation scripts by identifying and resolving issues automatically.

Script Once NFT

The goal of this approach is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of testing by using a single script to perform multiple types of testing. By creating a single script that can be used to perform both performance and vulnerability testing, we eliminate the need to create separate scripts for each type of testing.

Swift Compatibility Assessment

Our goal is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of compatibility testing by automating the process and ensuring that the software is compatible with the latest devices as soon as they are released in the market.

Native Test Data Generator

Our purpose here is to simplify the process of creating test data, especially when it comes to large volumes of data. This helps to reduce the time and effort required, especially for large volumes of data.

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