Why You Should Continue Your Education in I.T. According to Pittsburgh Staffing Agencies

As many people begin to mature in their job and move up the ranks, they may be wondering whether their education also needs to improve. In our current technological age, things are ever changing, meaning that the more education and knowledge you have surrounding the newest tech, the more likely you are to better your performance and garner the attention of Pittsburgh staffing agencies. Here at Logix Guru, we strive to staff the most intelligent, knowledgeable people in the I.T. field—that’s why we’ve created this guide to explain why I.T. professionals should continue their education.

Gaining the Ability to Choose a Specialization


With a bachelor’s degree in information technology, you don’t get to dive deeply into one specific subset of the field. However, when continuing your education, you can start to specialize in what interests you most—whether this be software development, network security, or even data science, there’s a special niche for everyone. Not only will specializing in one specific part of I.T. allow you to find what your passion is, but it will also help your organization through your extensive knowledge of certain subsets of the field. With co-workers knowing they can count on you, there will be far fewer days with bugs that you’re unable to fix.


Access to Managerial Roles


 One of the best parts about continuing your education in information technology is that Pittsburgh staffing agencies will be more likely to put you into managerial roles due to your higher level of education. With these roles comes additional responsibilities, however you’ll receive more pay as well. Statistics show that those in this field who have their masters make significantly more than those with their bachelors. There’s no loss here—furthering your education is an important investment into your future career.


Set Yourself Apart from Competitors with Pittsburgh Staffing Agencies


Because technology is continually expanding, so is our field. However, with an expanding field comes many new applicants, making it harder than ever before to stand out among them. If you’re looking to move on to a different company within the I.T. field or even move up in your company, a great way to stand out from other applicants is to have your masters in a certain specialization of information technology—this will automatically set yourself apart from others, as more experience and education is something that every hiring manager prefers. By furthering your education, you’ll be able to get a job easier while also being eligible for more pay.

Overall, there aren’t any downsides to getting your master in information technology, as you’ll be investing in yourself and your career. Additionally, you can find your true passion within the field and also learn helpful skills to assist clients and coworkers in your workplace. Looking to move up in the industry but aren’t sure where to start? Contact Logix Guru today to learn how a Pittsburgh staffing agency can empower and support you throughout your educational process.


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