Top 8 Database Testing Tools Your Application Developers Should know about

If you are developing an app, you need to test its data integrity at some point. Database testing is crucial for evaluating the overall performance of your app. You’re not going to release the app until it’s ready. But you won’t be able to gauge where you are in terms of its development without performing a database test. That’s why you need a reliable set of database testing tools at your fingertips. In our latest article, Logix Guru is reviewing the top 8 tools your company should have on its radar.

What is Database Testing?


The computer technology you see today is much more complex than what you saw on the market a decade ago. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, developers can create complex and sophisticated apps for a number of different systems. But because of this increased complexity, they need to perform proper database testing before releasing any of these apps.

When discussing the database of an app, we are referring to a collection of files designed to enhance a system’s functionality. Because each is stored within a particular layer, it can easily be found by testers. There is typically a:

  • Business Layer
  • Access Layer
  • UI Layer

During a test, someone will evaluate different aspects of the system such as its data mapping, integrity, and accuracy in these layers.

Top 8 Database Testing Tools You Need to Check Out Now


  • ORION Orion, which is an abbreviation for “Oracle IO Number,” can be used to test a number of different variables. Its primary function is to stress test an I/O subsystem. While it’s not the perfect tool for simulation, many testers find it acceptable enough to use anyway. When testing different applications, most users prefer using oracle infrastructure to do so. Orion was actually developed by the Oracle Corporation itself, making it the perfect tool for testing Oracle Databases for IO load testing. When using Orion, you will want to make sure you employ it before moving any databases to a new platform.
  • DTM DATA TEST GENERATOR The DTM Data Test Generator is a commercial tool meant to be used by commercial entities. As a result, individuals tend to stray away from using the DTM Data Test Generator. However, those who do use it enjoy the organized structure it provides that makes the testing process easier for them. People can do a number of different things with the DTM Data Test Generator, such as enabling data row generation, text file generation, and clear rule. Overall, most people agree that the DTM Data Test Generator offers users an effective strategy for database testing.
  • SOLARWINDS DATABASE PERFORMANCE ANALYZER The SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer allows users to perform SQL Query monitoring and analysis. Users can also perform anomaly detection with the software’s machine learning capabilities. In addition to these offerings, the SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer gives testers detailed real-time and historical data as well as a query tuning advisor for extra support.
  • MOCKUPDATA MockUp Data is another popular database testing tool for commercial purposes. This sophisticated tool is able to generate large quantities of data for testing purposes and also create realistic sample data for your software.
  • ORACLE SQL DEVELOPER If you’re looking for a database testing tool that supports an Oracle Cloud Database, we recommend looking into the Oracle SQL Developer. This testing tool offers a number of components including the Oracle Web Agent, which can work with IBM DB3, Microsoft Access, and MySQL.
  • NOSQLMAP Another database testing tool that earned a spot on our list is NoSQLMap. This open-source tool can be used to map attacks, ambiguities, configuration issues, and more. Its primary purpose is to perform Penetration Testing on MongoDB. This is designed to help testers protect their database from network attacks.
  • SLOB SLOB, which stands for Silly Little Oracle Benchmark, offers users a clean interface for testing different types of databases. If you’re looking for an alternative to ORACLE, you might enjoy SLOB. This sophisticated testing tool offers quick functionality and lets you test logical and physical memory.
  • SQL TEST Last, but not least, we have the SQL Test. This tool allows you to write unit tests for SQL server databases using its SQL server management studio. It also stores database objects into different schema so if changes occur during the process, you don’t need to worry about a separate clean-up step.

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