Functional & Automation Testing Solutions for an Information Management Software Provider


Logix Guru performed functional and automation testing for an application that locates, classifies and manages data in various data sources to mitigate privacy risks and protect sensitive information for regulations or eDiscovery requests.


  • Test backlogs after each sprint and fix the bugs to achieve 100% information governance of the most sensitive information
  • Automate the test cases for all the features of the application to increase test cycle efficiency and optimise test coverage


  • VB net
  • Azure DevOps


  • We developed and executed functional testing scenarios for more than 10,000 feature backlogs and performed testing in four testing environments – Rackspace Dev, Rackspace Staging, Azure Dev, and Azure Staging.
  • We automated 300+ test cases for regression and iterative testing
  • Logix Guru provided SMEs and subject expertise to the client to achieve excellent customer experiences in information governance.
  • Effective test environment management: Testing on multiple SharePoint sites created operational slack due to high data volume processing times. Logix Guru recommended distributed environment management on 2 SharePoint sites for functional and automation test environments. Test scenarios are distributed by optimising the data load scenarios for Running policies/eDiscovery searches/classification/analytics.
  • Leveraged Azure Dev Ops to develop and automate test case execution and defect management for every release


  • We executed 100% functional testing coverage of backlogs resulted in proper adherence to compliance checklist as well as in maintaining sensitive data against privacy risks
  • Confident releases with minimal/zero defect leakage with well-laid-out test approaches
  • Optimized Test Cycles with Test Automation speeding up execution by 3x

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