In recent years, the implementation costs of e-learning tools have considerably reduced. This has encouraged lot of educational institutions & businesses to add it to their existing system. Emerging technologies, social media & shared platforms have played a major role in this learning revolution. Educational Institutions are persistently looking to improve their technology service offerings. The major challenge in implementing is the rising cost & increasing demand. Our on demand service offering and end to end testing capabilities provides a competitive advantage for our customers in the market. Logix guru’s testing experts have expertise in testing content management systems. K-12 education testing has been one of our major strengths over the years. Our best practices, technology Knowledge & testing expertise ascertain that applications are secure, stable and flexible.

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An Enrollment Management System (EMS) streamlines the enrollment process for educational institutions. A Constituent Management System (CMS) tracks information about stakeholders in an educational institution, such as students and faculty. A Learning Management System (LMS) helps plan and assess a specific learning process. In K-12 education, IT supports functions like student information systems and communication with parents. A Relationship Management System (RMS) manages relationships with stakeholders, such as donors and alumni. An Alumni Management System (AMS) tracks information about an educational institution’s alumni and facilitates communication with them.
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