About Logix Guru


t Logix Guru, we strive to offer Intelligent Solutions to address critical client needs. We accomplish this by understanding what drives our customers and following a disciplined but innovative process in our work. We operate through a network of offices, subsidiaries, and strategic alliances to provide world-class services and Intelligent Solutions.

We deploy a functional team that is technically sound, intellectually strong and carries the relevant experience to support and drive projects from conception to market for the best results. Our team leaves your team stronger, and better equipped at the end of the process.

For over 20 years, Logix Guru has been providing Best-of-Breed Talent, Quality Assurance and Technology Solutions to our clients, who are leaders in Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing and Software Development and Services.  We help them achieve timely delivery of quality, with cost efficiency.

Our clients benefit from our ability to deliver a full spectrum of technology services including IT outsourcing, professional services, and remote technical support. Logix Guru also brings significant experience to application development, implementation and integration.

  • We empower our associates through meaningful work that leads to fuller lives, stronger organizations and responsible communities.
  • We are in the business of serving others by spawning improvements and solving problems.
  • We bring value to our clients; improve their efficiency and productivity by providing the best people, knowledge, systems and strategies in a timely manner.

Logix Guru Clients are organizations that are actively helping their community by providing Healthcare, Finance, Goods and Services. They remain focused on continuous improvement through knowledge and technology. We are committed to working with them towards their success by providing outcome based support.

We will continue to develop management and technical skills to yield predictable results and cost savings through mature methodologies, repeatable processes, well-tested frameworks, a global workforce, strategic technology alliances, and flexible engagement models.

Logix Guru will sustain profitability and growth and will positively impact our neighboring community and people through quality jobs that further technology, efficiency and a better quality of life.

The thought behind the name


Logix Guru means that we must naturally be logical in our thought, speech & action and possess attributes of Guru in competence, expertise, performance and perpetual learning. This is not because it is expected of us; this is who we strive to become individually.

As a part of our team, we learn early on what it means to be a GURU at Logix Guru. At times it can be daunting to live up to the challenge and that is where team support comes to action.

Over the years, we have come to develop the Logix Guru Culture in our daily lives and hold to our heart necessary attributes of ownership, competence, Performance and balance.

We serve many esteemed clients, from Fortune 1000 to start up, dedicated to providing meaningful services such as healthcare, manufacturing, finance, software, education and training. Through service to our clients we also fill our benevolent desire to help our world. We cherish this opportunity and take this responsibility passionately.

We invite you to contemplate our Vision, Mission, and Culture.  We urge you to contact us to discuss how we can engage in your company’s Software development initiative, or how we can enhance your career by being a part of the Logix Guru team.

Our Services

IT services that will exceed your needs and expectations