Top 5 Questions to Ask During a Job Interview for an IT Position

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Finding a job during the pandemic can be incredibly stressful and challenging. You might have to submit dozens of applications to various places before even getting an interview request. But don’t give up! In this digital age, most companies will need an IT professional to help them navigate the constantly-changing technical landscape. 

When you finally land an interview request, you will want to start preparing for it as soon as possible. Not only does this preparation include researching the company and practicing answers to common questions, but it also includes coming up with some good questions to ask the interviewer for yourself. If your interview skills are a little rusty, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Logix Guru, the leading IT staffing agency in Pittsburgh, is here to give you the top 5 questions you can ask in an interview!

Crushing the Interview: Top 5 Questions You Can Ask in an IT Interview

You’ve answered all of their questions, now it’s your turn to ask some!

Candidates Waiting for Job Interviews
Congratulations! You’ve made it to the interview. But before you can leave, the interviewer will likely want to see if you have any questions for them.

Picture this. You’re sitting across from an HR manager for a formal job interview after speaking with an IT staffing agency. You’ve picked out the perfect outfit. You’ve intelligently discussed your job qualifications, experience, and career goals. But before the HR manager closes the interview, they just have one more question to ask you. “Do you have any questions for me?” Don’t make the mistake of shaking your head and saying no. Instead, take this question as an opportunity to get to know the company and determine whether or not it is a good fit for your personality and career goals. 

Here are some great questions to ask that will help you dig deeper and learn more about the company.

1. What is your favorite part of working here? 

It’s a simple question. But the HR recruiter’s answer can be incredibly telling! If they just talk about the company’s free breakfast or Casual Fridays, this may indicate that they aren’t really happy there. A lack of enthusiasm, or fake enthusiasm, can also be telling. But if the HR recruiter appears to genuinely care about the company and can positively speak about its team members and mission, that is a great sign!

2. How do you see the company growing in the next several years?

This question not only shows your interest in sticking with the company for the long-term but also helps you understand its overall goals and strategy. The interviewer may also elaborate on the company’s primary goals and what it looks for in candidates as a result of these ambitious goals. 

3. What is the company culture like?

employees in a group together
A healthy corporate culture is crucial for a good work environment!

You’ll want to get insight into the company’s work environment and culture. How does the company engage and support its employees? Does it offer extra perks and benefits? Wellness programs are growing in popularity and are even becoming a primary factor in whether a candidate will join a company or not. 

How do they recognize hard workers? Receiving hefty performance bonuses is always appreciated! Do they prefer a suit-and-tie or are they fine with business casual? Some companies cultivate a formal environment while others are fine with jeans and an occasional in-office Happy Hour. It’s up to you to decide which environment you think you will thrive in. 

4. What characteristics and attributes do candidates need to succeed in this position?

The HR recruiter’s answer will give you a thorough idea of the type of people they seek out and what characteristics they value the most in their workers. You can follow up this question by asking how they measure performance. If you get the job, you can keep any key performance indicators (KPIs) the recruiter mentioned in mind as you start. 

5. Where is the last person who had this job moving to?

Some employees move onto new workplaces. Others go back to school. The previous employee may have been promoted, which is why the company is looking for a new employee for the position. The position might even be completely new! Either way, it can be helpful to learn why the position is open now. If the last person was fired, there might be a completely reasonable justification for it. But other times, it could be indicative of a toxic or hostile work environment. 

Are you searching for an IT job in Pittsburgh? Logix Guru, a leading IT staffing agency, can help you find a job that suits your qualifications and interests! Finding a job can be difficult, especially in this climate. But Logix Guru can work with you and help you find a great job. Contact us today to learn more about our services!