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What our Customers, Business Associate and Employees are saying about us along with the messages from our leadership

Balaji Srinivasan, Sherpa Software

The thing that stuck out for me was their professionalism. The quality of our products has definitely been a lot higher since we started with Logix Guru. I think just the fact that we're working with them 6 years later is probably attesting to that fact.

Scott Leib, Applied Systems Associates

They do have a lot of business ethics and high integrity. They also had a very broad range of services they could offer us. It is Singh’s personal touch and those in his organization; they really care about the success of our company and therefore the quality of the services that they're providing to our company.

Mike DeLuca and Bob Pavlik, Prodigo Solutions

We started small with Logix Guru and grew the relationship as we saw their capability and as we became very aware of the way they handle processes and the way they were able to meet our demands. So, the project started small but escalated to larger scale projects like mobile development and outsourced quality assurance. Even as we went through the development process what we found was Logix Guru actually came to us with probably 4 or 5 ideas on how we could actually make the product better along the way. The thing that impressed me the most with Logix Guru was their uncanny ability to go ahead and take a loosely written spec, turn it into a prototype and actually deliver a product from that.

Bob Stein, The Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence

I have known Logix Guru for over 10 years now and one thing that I always noticed is how they conduct themselves. They operate with such integrity. I think it's their versatility and their flexibility to work and adapt with the customer needs that makes them really unique.

Rahul, Release Engineer – Logix Guru

As an employee, I am treated very well. I am very happy. They have their own HR and they have their own administrative people and you will be treated as family.

Chris Schultz, Executive Assistant – Logix Guru

What I like about working here at Logix Guru is the small personal family environment as well as the culture; especially the emphasis on maintaining a balanced approach to all things in life.

From a business perspective, we first look to partner with clients with similar values. We then not only look for candidates that are technically qualified to fill the jobs and work well in the client's environment but also those that will fit well with our culture.

Singh, CEO and Ravi Ajmani, EVP - Logix Guru

Logix Guru is a strong and successful minority company with a mission.Whether we are dealing with our team members, customers or vendors, we always have the mindset that I'm on your side.We do not only just do our job, we have a commitment to provide value to our esteemed customers. We have a passion and a mission to provide quality jobs for our employees.We want to make sure that we have positive impact on our customers, our employees and our community. The vision of Logix Guru right from inception has been to be a dependable reliable and sought-after IT Staffing company for our esteemed customers.One of the things our customers can definitely expect from us is that they will find a true partner in Logix Guru. We try to do this by hiring only the best and the brightest and we make sure that they follow our culture of providing value to the customer.