Digital transformation has helped organizations rebuild their business modules and attain an enduring business growth and development in any respective industry. As a distinguished business leader of the industry, we have always sensed the requirements of our customers. Logix Guru is a staffing agency focusing on digital disruption, not merely focused on customer-centric but also on people-oriented outcomes. We have transformed the processes by indulging seamless digital experiences for organizations. We have empowered their functionaries to reabsorb and intensify the overall productivity of the organization by digitizing their process elements.


    We are offering services conforming to complete customer requirements and indulging all strategic benefits. We elucidate a strong work strategy along with a quantifiable service approach. A thorough utilization of cross-platform development techniques helps us to gain a high competitive advantage in order to attain positive business outcomes. We hold strong expertise in developing standalone applications even in critical business conditions. Our range of services comprises mobile-application development, web application development, middleware platform development, back- end server development, internal & third-party integrations, cloud management services, and software maintenance services.


    Logix Guru is a top Pittsburgh employment agency that has been serving a wide clientele with our quality web development services bridging across various technological advancements. Our competent team of professionals implies its well-versed attitude & expertise in all of our projects to develop lucrative and appealing web applications. Our long-term service has facilitated us with high credibility as a service provider because of our industry recognition & experience. We utilize state-of-the-art technologies like Drupal, PHP, Ionic, Cake PHP, Magento, CodeIgniter, Laravel, AngularJS, Joomla, Java, and YII to develop applications that are reconcilable to all the software environments and upgradations.


      As a leading mobility solutions company, we have carved a niche in the industry for our quality staffing services. We consider the most promising methodologies to counter the problems generated because of lack of quantifiable resources. Our smart & coordinating mobility services have helped us to stay ahead of the pack. We have built bridges of technological assets amongst organizations of different industry verticals by identifying their problems & requirements. We are connecting different nodes of mobility with real-time users. Throughout its long journey in the industry, Logix Guru has painted a big picture of customer satisfaction & quality that ultimately made us stand out from the competition in the most peculiar way.


      In this era of digital transformation, blockchain has emerged as a revolutionary technological aid in the Fintech industry. It generally comprises a distributed ledger and smart contracts to address respective challenges. We act as a progressive host in the process of adoption, integration, and realization of networks. We indulge other technological areas in the process to magnify the significance of blockchain technology. We incorporate partner systems with blockchain solutions on the network. It is accomplished through the implementation of the consensus and governance mechanism altogether. With our top-hole services, our customers leverage the power of blockchain with an advanced creation & transformation of financial tools used in industries like Healthcare, Insurance, Finance, and Agriculture.


      Considering the high significance of user experience, our team of experts designs interactive interfaces leading towards an astounding user experience approach. As one of the top IT employment agencies in Pittsburgh, we emphasize on offering services which enhance the level of comprehensibility and observation in order to facilitate an easy understanding of interfaces to the users. With our lucrative Concept (UX) Design services, we have cornered the designing market in all aspects. We redesign the interfaces with our state-of-the-art designing concepts to streamline the user experience for our customers. The aim is to engage all the process elements in sculpturing a strengthened brand with the help of strong customer engagement.


      As the cloud-based technologies are moving at a fast pace and gaining a significant place in the software services industry, AWS brings the functionality to choose from the most specific technology solutions. It has indulged lower capital investment and short-response time without creating any further impacts on the performance of the application or user experience. We are a market leader for Pittsburgh staffing agencies in the field of AWS services. We have been recognized as one of the top AWS partners in the USA as well as have attained many market-recognitions in APAC, particularly in India.


      Big data is pervaded as a technology which transformed the conventional business strategies of organizations in a way better than before. We, as a leading staffing agency and service provider, have gained several industry-recognitions for our lucrative Big Data Analytics services. Our foremost objectives are to enhance customer experience, reduce process-costs, improve marketing techniques and increase the overall process efficiency. We focus on observation of all safety standards in the process, thus not compromising with the security of valuable data of our customers. We help organizations to improve their business plans by utilizing big data insights and increasing their revenues.

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