Testing Tool Assessment

Are you at the test automation crossroads? Not sure if automation will benefit your company? Are you not sure about which test tool to choose? Confused about Open Source Test Tool and the options?

Most IT organizations are facing difficulties to cope up with the ever changing market trends such as Agile, Cloud and Mobility. IT leaders and QA heads are always contemplating to improve the quality and reduce the test cycle time while there are increasing constraints on resources and budget. Automated software testing is an industry accepted strategy to improve time to market, efficiency of QA process and test coverage.

Finding the right testing tools is an important contributor towards optimizing and accelerating the existing QA processes. This can be achieved with a well-planned and controlled tool selection process. Indium Software is a tool agnostic shop, which offer complete tool assessment services based on automation coverage, support for specific set of technology /platform, roadmap for RoI, etc.

Our selection of tools, framework and methodology has the ability to analyse, advise and apply an effective test plan.

Support for technologies and platforms such as desktop, web-based, mobile (Android and iOS), database, flash/flex applications to name a few

Review existing process documentation and current practices Document and present the objective assessment ¬findings and
prioritized recommendations

Indium’s Tool Assessment Program is a packaged solution that analyzes your application technology, test process, test cases and provides you the following recommendations:

The test tool(s) that is best suited keeping both technology and costs in mind
Return on Investment (RoI) of automation to help you take a go/no-go decision

The automation framework that you have to adopt as part of the implementation

Demo of test scripts for a sample test case
Tools Expertise

We have a strong expertise in competitive testing tools:
Unified Functional Testing (UFT) formerly QTP, Application lifecycle management
(ALM) formerly QC, IBM, Selenium, Silk Test, Silk Mobile, Rational Suite ,
Ranorex, Ranorex Mobile, Appium, Genie, Load Runner, JMeter, QC, Robot
Framework ,Test Complete, Test Mobile, and Test Management tools like Bugzilla,
JIRA, Rally , Silk Central.

Our Value:
Better test management and defect tracking process
Reduce the test lifecycle time by 50%
Reduction of repetitive work and risk
Reduce cost of quality and ease of maintenance

High ROI through the use of testing tools, reusable framework (iFACT, iSAFE, iMobi, iAVA, iRAMP), automation and off-shore delivery model