Now a days, client requirements are dynamically changing and evolving technologies make it even more complex for the product development team. Be it internal (for employee usage) or external (for consumers/customers), time taken to launch a product plays a vital role for Enterprises and IT firms to gain competitive edge in this red ocean market.

The product should be defect free before released in the market. Thus, creating a need for automation regression in order to reduce the manual effort when it comes to testing. To assure the quality of the software Logix guru's Test Automation strategy is one of the best choices.

Logix Guru's Test Automation Strategic approach is dynamic and competent gained over a decade of experience working with numerous clients in various verticals.

  • Tool Assessment study – Selection of right tool based upon the application(technology)
  • Analyze the test cases and prepare reusable functions
  • Test the application across environment in order to capture the defect early
  • Appropriate gap analysis and perform smoke test for feasibility of Automation
  • Scripts had to be written considering for integration with other systems/applications
  • Build a Framework in such a way that every script is independent and each script can be executed when there is a need
  • Customize automation framework
  • Develop Functional Decomposition Framework to all complex scenarios
  • Ensure sufficient test coverage and increase quality of test design
  • Create and upgrade a repository of re-use-able test artefacts
  • Defect/Ticket Analysis " for intelligent regression test suite preparation


  • Maintainability of regression test scripts
  • Appropriate Gap Analysis, deep Domain and Automation knowledge
  • High ROI on test automation
  • Provide channelized test data management and test scenario
  • Create Grid Automation Framework - stored all the selenium scripts in a separate repository that can be executed on any device within the network
  • Better approach that reduces the scripting time
  • Suggest baby step approach towards QA maturity roadmap
  • A dynamic framework to execute the same test case with different sets of data
  • Initiate new ways of dynamic reporting and brought in transparency on the test coverage , scripting & execution
  • Structured and streamlined QA Process