Technology Escrowing Service

Protect your License without risking your software:
Negotiate and execute an escrow agreement
During the negotiation of a software escrow key aspects of the agreement need to be discussed and agreed upon. When should the escrow
materials be released? What can the licensee do with the escrow materials once they are released? How often will the materials be updated? What testing should be conducted on the materials?

Delivery of source code and other materials to the escrow agent
Source code, documentation and any other important materials should be easily deliverable to the software escrow agent. Upon receiving the escrow materials the escrow agent should perform a Standard Verification to increase the protection a software escrow provides.

Source code is securely held awaiting release conditions to occur
Once the software escrow agent has the source code properly stored in secure escrow vaults, the agent awaits for a mutually agreed upon release condition to occur. These release conditions are often bankruptcy or failure to maintain the software.

Continuous updates to the escrow as new versions of the software are developed corresponding updates to the escrow should occur.
The escrow provider should make this process as easy as possible preferably with an online escrow management tool.

A release condition occurs and the escrow materials are released
If a software license terminates without a release condition occurring then the materials can either be returned to the software vendor or destroyed depending on the software vendor's wishes.