When engaging Logix Guru, you gain access to: 
  • 17 years of dedicated QA Experience
  • 200+ Referenceable Clients
  • 450 Career Testers
  • Proven Methodologies
  • A pool of SME’s experienced in your industry
  • Flexible Delivery Model

Identifying a QA partner purely based on due diligence still has its challenges. Especially, if you are trying outsourcing for the first time, and are looking for a long-term partner instead of a one-time job. Making the right selection of a company that can take care of all your QA needs over a long term is what you are looking for.

Make is 1 week QA assessment.
What to do in such a case? 

BEST IS TO TEST - this is what we would recommend! We have a very unique offering called Risk-Free Trial of 4 weeks, which puts to rest the little dilemma that you might have about choosing us or not. Almost 100% of our clients who took up this Risk-Free Trial chose to work with us and have been continuing to do so till date.  


It is a 2-week trial period during which we work on your requirements and you get to evaluate our capability. If you like our work, approach, communication mode then you can continue, or you can call it quits. 

What is RISK-FREE about it?

For 2 weeks, we will work on the requirement and are not obligated to pay for this effort. It is only if you like the work and decide to continue that we bill you for this period, otherwise you pay nothing.