Packaged application testing

Businesses rely on ERP and Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) products for critical business functions. Their implementation in complex IT environments with changing business needs results in issues such as access/bottlenecks, performance, integration, scalability, reliability and
security. This is further compounded by the lack of benchmarks, documentation and subject matter expertise – all of which impact businesses. However, organizations lack adequate Testing expertise with respect to Test data and Test scenarios to ensure their applications deliver the desired results.

Packaged Application Testing Service has well defined and standardized Test methodologies, templates, trackers, accelerators, Test automation strategies and flexible delivery models to ensure:

Defect-free application performance in your business environment
Faster Test cycles resulting in your product/service being market-ready faster
Business-as-usual through complex IT modernization programs
Improved agility in business operations
Improved user/customer satisfaction through simplified operations

Benefits that we deliver include:

~ 30% reduction in overall Testing effort

~40% reduction in Test design effort

~20% increase in automation ROI

~50 reduction in maintenance effort


For a global network equipment major: Implemented complex Oracle E-Business Suite Financials and Oracle Supply Chain Management. We provided functional and integration Testing, using solutions to generate optimized test cases covering 100% end-to-end scenarios across numerous rollouts. We helped the organization optimize cost of Testing and quality of application. Across the tenure of our engagement, we delivered 25% Test effort reduction, 20% reduction in cycle time, 35% savings in Test design efforts and 100% coverage.


Logix Guru”s Testing and Validation practice
Logix Guru’s Package-led programs involve changes to existing applications and business processes, and interfaces with legacy and third-party applications. Such programs impact a large number of end-users and stakeholders, making decisions related to the scope, time and type of testing critical. Consequently, quality assurance and testing are major challenges in Package implementation and upgrade programs.

Today’s business environment requires LOGIX GURU’S Packaged Applications to undergo multiple changes during the support and maintenance phases. It results in substantial increase in effort spent on regression testing, which is crucial in ensuring the availability and quality of the application.

Infosys ERP Package Testing and Validation Practice offers services across the lifecycle of ERP programs, implementation, roll-out, upgrade, production support and maintenance, through testing professionals specialized in ERP packages, IP, tools and accelerators. Our domain expertise and experience enables us to deliver quality, speed and cost effectiveness in such programs.

Our testing and validation solutions span across the length and breadth of ERP Packages including SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Siebel and Oracle PeopleSoft. We have a dedicated team of testers with rich experience in industry standard tools for test automation (HP Quick Test Professional, IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT), SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization (TAO)), performance testing (HP LoadRunner) and test data management.


An independent Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) framework that can be implemented across the ERP Package lifecycle
Test automation accelerators (IP) such as Infosys SAP Test
Accelerator and Infosys Test Automation Accelerator for PeopleSoft and Infosys BPT Solution for Oracle Siebel testing
Proprietary testing tools such as Functional Test Case
Generator and ACCORD
Proprietary business process modeling tools such as InFlux
Repository of reusable test assets across the ERP Package lifecycle
Risk Based Testing (RBT) framework
Pre-packaged testing solutions for SAP, Oracle PeopleSoft, Oracle Siebel

SAP Testing and Validation
Logix Guru’s SAP Testing Center of Excellence offers services across the lifecycle of SAP projects/programs - implementation, rollout, upgrade, production support and maintenance - through IP, solutions, tools and accelerators, and pre-packaged solutions.