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Managed Testing Service

As businesses rely more heavily on cutting-edge technology, demands on IT departments are intensifying. Managed Testing Services (MTS)
provide the test organization, processes and environment to address major testing challenges and achieve optimum results.

With MTS, you benefit from a proven industrialized testing process that leverages our onshore and nearshore resources, as well as our global delivery model.

We have built solid a track record delivering long-term MTS contracts to multinational organizations in the financial services, telecoms and government sectors. Our know-how ensures high-level, comprehensive support to help you achieve the highest standards for testing effectiveness.

Transform your Testing Function to Achieve Highest Quality at All Times

We offer an end-to-end fully customized service where the responsibility of application testing is taken at an enterprise or program levelLogix Guru’s provides a shared risk model to organizations who want to transform their testing function to achieve high-quality cost-effectively without the expense of large overheads and day-to-day responsibilities, and without losing overall control.

Our MTS solution delivers the following tangible benefits:

Significantly reduced total cost of testing: balanced sourcing can yield up to 30% savings,
Measurable quality improvements: proven prevention of at least 98% of high-severity defects and improved time to market of at least 15%,
Skills transfer: embedding capabilities into your organization and ensuring quality across multiple supplier environments.
Testing Center of Excellence
We support you in establishing and managing your own Testing
Center of Excellence (TCoE).

Some of our clients see Testing and Quality assurance as Core Business and want to keep it under own control. Nevertheless they would like a partner who can support them in making the best choices when building a TCoE and also ensures permanent optimization of their services.

A TCoE  makes sure that a company does not reinvent the Testing wheel in different departments. It provides the consistency, governance, and structure to improve efficiency - from project to project.

A TCoE helps to standardize and industrialize your testing operations.  It enables you to manage all your resources more efficiently to ensure quality across applications, and build a culture that focuses on quality and collaboration.

We use our standardized Testing methodology (TMap®) and integrate HPE Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) technology to provid a comprehensive software environment, share assets, and provide full traceability.

We plan, implement and execute your TCoE, using a phased approach, integrating HPE Application Lifecycle Management, aligned to your company’s readiness for transition and your business goals.

Logix Guru’s Managed Testing Services enable companies to focus on their core business while benefiting from our professional high quality QA services, testing directors and qualified testing engineers. By establishing a long-term partnershipLogix Guru’s takes full responsibility of your project, whether large or small, by managing, staffing and providing a comprehensive suite of quality testing services.

As part of Logix Guru’s QA serviceLogix Guru’s takes full responsibility for your testing through the use of methodologies such as Results Based Testing and Service
Level Agreements.  Some features of Logix Guru’s Test

Management Services include:

Long term partnership
Output-based Delivery, according to an SLA
Customer is relieved of testing responsibility
Provision of Continuous Measured Improvement

Logix Guru’s Managed Testing Services allow our clients to focus on their core business while benefiting from our professional, high quality, independent testing services. We can help you significantly reduce the total cost of testing while attaining measurable and repeatable quality improvements, including enabling your organization to prevent high-severity defects, grow organization QA skills, and improve time to value for your business.

Our testing services can be retained to compliment or supplement your current development capabilities. We support multiple toolsets and provide services against industry standard metrics in an SLA. We offer these services for IBM, Microsoft, and Open Source technologies aligned with your service level requirements and leveraging our global delivery capability. We offer the following testing services using a

Managed Services model:

Business Assurance Services
Test Automation Services
Performance Engineering
Data Conversion Testing

As a niche provider of Managed Services, Logix Guru’s drives success by focusing heavily on the integration of multiple players in support services. We’ve identified several key areas for successful delivery in our over thirty-five years of experience, including: integrated IT processes, use of a single IT Service Management system, leveraging automated monitoring software, and shared enhancement of a universal knowledge base.