Data is a foundational aspect of most organizations. Therefore, the need for quality and ongoing robust quality processes is imperative. Logix Guru’s provides extended database testing services that tests all aspects of DB across entire database objects. Our database testing services
utilize state of the art testing tools to validate reliability, data generation, validation output, and database integration. Our database testing services include functional testing such as stored procedures, triggers, functions and packages, and also covers database performance, integration, reliability, scalability and security.

Because maintaining data integrity is a high priority for IT personnel, Logix Guru can help you:
Test earlier, smarter, and faster – Increase Reliability by implementing a rigorous database testing strategy to ensure that the appropriate read-and-write executions store and retrieve the data correctly. This ensures that critical information is more accessible and reliable.

Find critical issues earlier – Perform database testing on database schemas and inspect the database during construction, after modification and, most importantly, during the test phase at the end of the project development lifecycle.

Pay only for what you need – Pay only for what you need with our Logix Guru’s Solution On-Demand delivery model. This allows you to tailor your testing solutions so you can focus your budget dollars where they’re most needed.

Creating Solutions

Logix Guru's IT Professionals understand the importance of testing databases.  Our engineers validate data on different levels of database abstractions, such as data-warehouses, data-marts, and data-vaults. Validation includes testing from data inserts into a database and tracing
transactions back to the database. It also includes verifying that the right triggers are executed by leveraging database testing tools.

We can tailor a solution to fit your needs by:
Performing Scope Testing
Reviewing the Test Approach
Setting up a Test Environment
Identifying Test Data
Creating DB Testing Scripts to Simulate Real-World Data Scenarios
Executing Tests
Reviewing Test Results and Working with Your Development
Team on Defect Resolution
Re-running Tests
Performing Production Dry Run Testing and Validation
Performing Successful Production Validation

Check out Database Testing case studies to see what we’ve done for other clients!

Providing Expertise
Solution has a strong team of experienced database testers. Our experts specialize in:
Data Validation
Source to Target Testing
Data Migration Testing
Database Upgrade Testing

Logix Guru’s IT Professionals are experienced in testing:
Database and Data Mart loads through load tools such as:
-OUnit for Oracle
-Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals
- Referential database and data format integrity
- Database security including database permissions and privileges
- Interfaces to the database such as GUIs, Java, and web services

Application programming interfaces (APIs) such as: