Team Testimonials

I am happy to be working with Logix Guru for close to a year now. I find the team to be professional, responsive and high quality. They were able to place me in a great job with a well known and highly respected Client. I would highly recommend working with Logix Guru. Great IT staffing firm.

Suresh Gumudavelly, Senior RPG Developer

I have been working with Logix Guru for over a year. Logix Guru is a leading IT staffing company which provides a quality management team with vision and a professional and friendly support staff. Best place to work!

Srinivas Siripuram, Software Engineer

I have been with Logix Guru for close to 3 years. All through these years, the personnel at Logix Guru have always ensured I am paid on time and handled all the admin activities with ease. I have not seen any hidden agendas and all throughout, they maintained the transparency in my Visa processes and Client dealings. I am grateful to be part of this wonderful organization.  I feel like I belong here and this is my professional family!

Pratthima Devi Thota, Senior Business analyst

I have been working with Logix Guru for a year. My experience with Logix Guru has been positive and satisfying. The team at Logix Guru is really professional. During my tenure, I have enjoyed working with all of them.

Also, Logix Guru takes good care of their employees and clients. It is a rewarding experience for employees as Logix Guru invests in its professional team and encourages them to learn and grow in their respective career paths.

I will continue to work with Logix Guru and would not hesitate to refer them to new IT Professionals and clients. The company provides you with all the professional growth and support one can ask for.

Ankit Arora, SQL Developer

Contracting with Logix Guru means ease of doing business. The interview scheduling is easy. You know the outcome of an interview quickly and the process does not add any anxiety. The onboarding paperwork was easy to complete, negotiations went smoothly and there was no need to follow-up on anything.

It is also easy to follow the simple process for time-sheet submission and approvals via email rather than logging into another portal or providing hard copies with signatures. There is no ambiguity about the payments. People are friendly and approachable for any questions and transparent about policies.  Their successful partnership with big clients in the industry means stability and rewarding, long term prospects. All of this makes life easy with less to worry about.

Guru Gaddad, Senior Software Engineer

The staff at Logix Guru is everything I'd expect from a recruitment agency. After having poor experiences with other agencies, the professionalism, quick response, and accurate information provided by Logix Guru has restored a positive outlook on the use of job matching services. The associate that contacted me for a position had taken the time to properly match the qualifications, guide and maintain contact with me throughout becoming hired. I would look to this service again before all others.

James Diller

I am happy and very satisfied with the outcome. In addition to that Logix Guru to my surprise was not just your ordinary head hunting service. You and Ravi are to be commended. You see there are extra steps that you take that the others do not. For example the follow-up, I never had to ask about the progress I was always informed. The interview prep with you and Ravi to help land the job. Meeting at the site on the interview day. Offering lunch. No strings attached no contract and nothing for me to lose. To be honest no other agency has given me this red carpet treatment. And on top of that I got the job and it was good and everything you promised. Believe me and dealing with 7 or so other agencies in my job hunting endeavor, none of them do this. The others set up the appointment, throw you to the wolves and hope for the best. I will and have recommended Logix Guru.

Chris Kevicki

I was very blessed to work with Logix Guru. Singh was one of the best people I have ever worked with in my career. I also worked with another young lady who was very smart and helpful. I Logix Guru played a critical role in helping me obtain a very good contract opportunity! Thanks!

Steven Milam

I would say my experience with Logix Guru has been even better than ideal...Both Cathy and Ken have shown the utmost integrity and professionalism, and truly went above and beyond to make my transition to an excellent client engagement as smooth as possible. I even got sick and vomited in the office 2 hours into my first day, was out sick for 2 more days, and they managed to keep the job for me! Now I'm six months in, and it's a joy to go to work every day, making things happen with a talented team of developers.I can't thank you enough.

David Conway

Logix Guru is one of the best companies I have worked for. I was a Network Engineer working on a government contract through Logix Guru, and I found that the entire team was great to work with. Ken Stancovich cares about the persons and meets with them individually. I found Ken to be very professional but also very personable. Cathy Fligger helped me many times to arrange my time schedule, and to manage the time sheets. I would highly recommend this company for their attention to the customer as well as to their employees.

Don Novey

Logix Guru niche with work culture and values impressed me. The other key thing is they respond promptly with practical solutions and do a quick follow up with client whenever needed. Down the line I can be proud that I was part of Logix Guru. Thank you for getting all the job done for IT Professionals like me. Hats off Logix Guru.

Nikhil Raj Bandari

When I first started with Logix Guru my recruiter left, leaving me to feel a little disconnected. That did not last long thanks to Cathy and Ken. Ken made a point of come to the client location for lunch to introduce himself and let me know he was my new contact. He also inquired about how the assignment was going and my general goals. Cathy made my weekly e-mails to HQ a welcomed warm hearted moment in a busy week. She always answered my question quickly and thoroughly. As her position changed, she continued to keep me in the loop, and continued to help in any way she could. Although I found a position with another firm, I will always remember Logix Guru and Cathy fondly.

Gregory L Morgan

Logix guru helped me to land a position with one of the largest employers in western Pennsylvania. There connections and thoroughness helped to ensure that my transition from contractor to full-time employee was entirely smooth. I would recommend their services to anyone in need of a good position at a great firm...Thanks Logix Guru!!!!!!!

Derek West

It gives me great pleasure working for Logix Guru.At Logix Guru everyone I interacted has been professional and very helpful. I wish to thank each and every one. Mainly Ravi has been very helpful from day one. I know he can get answers to my questions with perfection and quickly.

Srikant Pande

I have been employed with Logix Guru for more than two years now and they are extremely fair company in all their dealings and paperwork. I have learnt a lot during my journey with Logix and I would like to share some of my experiences in all honesty. To be successful in career, it is not only important to have great subject knowledge but it is also equally important to inculcate professional ethics and people skills. Logix Guru's Manager Mr. Ravi Ajmani has not only been a good employer but also a good advisor in this regards. He is always open to listening to employees' problems without any prejudgments and always gives calm, composed suggestions. Working at the client's location cannot always be smooth, there are lots of challenges and at times, we have to deal with difficult people. The way you get treated by your employer will eventually reflect your attitude at work, and for the same reason, I am always thankful to Ravi for helping me think through turbulent situations coolly and for always showing me two sides of the coin. I have gone through couple of ups and downs and Ravi has always been a good guide to put me on the right track. Ravi has also given very useful insights and inputs for me to hone and expand my skills in Oracle Applications. I will always be thankful to him.Logix Gurus HR, Cathy Fligger is another person who has always helped me right from the beginning. Not only is she sweet and affectionate, but is also really quick and fast with all the documentation. The paystubs are always on time, all the records are proper and up-to-date and whatever paperwork I ever needed, Cathy always had them reach me in the quickest time possible. She is a great asset to Logix and hope she wins more hearts along the way.Sandy Newton and everyone else at Logix in general are also extremely friendly people. My ride with Logix has been very smooth till date and when it wasn't, Logix still supported me in all possible ways. Lastly I would thank Logix Guru CEO Mr.Suhender Ajmani for giving me this opportunity to work with them and for maintaining crisp and clean documentation (be it general paperwork, H1b paperwork or just any other client related documentation). They are an amazing company and I wish that they reach great success and produce some brilliant IT Professionals.

Mayuri Mukka

I worked with Logix Guru for more than a year and it has been a very pleasant experience throughout. Logix Guru has always been open, honest and fair with me. Logix Guru was quick & efficient in processing my H1 transfer, generous with my compensation package and paid me promptly on time. The team was very understanding, responsive and supportive when I needed to take a long vacation during my illness. They maintained a very good relationship with the client I was working with and diligently handled my concerns with the client. I also want to take this opportunity to thank Ravi Ajmani for his kind attention to my requests even after I left the company. He is an excellent leader who sincerely strives towards creating win-win results. It's been a great pleasure and a wonderful experience working with Logix Guru and I look forward to working with the company again.

Vinay Boinapelly

As I have worked with all staff members, I had been treated in a very professional manner.Even though my assignment had been prematurely terminated due to no ones fault.The staff was empathetic and very professional in handling this unfortunate event.They could have been insensitive to this event but exhibited a caring and were very helpful in transitioning from this assignment

Michael Ganley

I worked with Logix Guru for more than 2 years. The journey was smooth, no complaints what-so-ever. Staff-members are very professional and my Manager, Ravi Ajmani has always answered my requests with promptness and clarity. He has warm regard for employees.


I have worked with so many Recruiters, and Managers over my 25 year+ career in IT but No One has left the Awesome Impression on me that Cathy has. She is the Ultimate Professional, Positive, Motivated, and Driven to be the BEST at her Craft. I have the Upmost Respect for Cathy because she will give her ALL to make sure you are not only in the Best Position in your Field, but She will continue to follow-up to make sure things are gong well and also have your next position going forward. Cathy will NEVER let you down no matter what.Romans 13:2 says be kind to strangers because some have been in the presence of Angels without knowing it - Thanks Angel.......

Jeff Smith