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Healthcare establishments spend $35 billion a year on healthcare IT and rely increasingly on technology. Healthcare companies require software applications to facilitate their daily operations. These applications have to be compliant with regulations such as HIPAA and ICD – 10.0. Patient care will have an adverse effect on failure of these applications. This will have an impact on business processes and would incur considerable cost.

Healthcare companies around the world are under tremendous pressure to transform and improve patient experience also focusing on reducing the cost. The biggest challenge for healthcare companies is to make their software applications compatible with protocols and emerging technologies.

Our Healthcare testing practice helps healthcare enterprises to not only launch products in a short duration but also comply with regulations and meet the industry standards. Logix Guru's expertise enhances customer satisfaction, minimizes risks and reduces TCO.


  • Medicare and Medicaid Billing
  • Healthcare Insurance Claim system testing
  • Maintenance Management System
  • Patient Monitoring System
  • CRM
  • Health information Exchange (HIE)
  • HIMS


  • ICD 10.0
  • GxPs
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid