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The multi-billion dollar gaming industry is ever growing and mobile is about to become the biggest market for gaming in 2015. A quality game makes it exciting for the players by presenting suitable challenges and ensures that it works to the expectations of the player.

Game testing requirements are unique and complex unlike traditional testing. The traditional black box testing is inadequate as games involve complex software, large databases and above all large number of interacting components.

Logix guru adopts agile methodology and follows industry best practices. Our testers build comprehensive bug databases for every game which is updated on a regular basis after every release. Our game testing center of excellence focuses mainly on testing the functionality, compliance and compatibility of the games. We also have expertise in testing compliance such as TRC/TCR, Lotcheck for console games. Our device lab is equipped with a wide range of latest android, ios & windows devices. Apart from these our expert gamers also have expertise in localization, game analysis, load and usability testing.


  • PC Games
  • Online Games
  • Social Media Games
  • Mobile Games
  • Console Games

We have developed frameworks for enhancing the efficiency of our testing process.