Efficient Test Automation for a Healthcare transformation company


A Healthcare transformation sector company that provides financial control and reduces supply chain costs required supply chain automation and optimisation solutions. 


  • The client’s solution suite provided 4 products in the supply chain-based use cases.
  • Products were required to be bundled/customized based on customer requirements.
  • Manual and Test Automation were needed for every customized product for all their clients.


  • Java, Selenium Web Driver, Eclipse
  • Team Size: 3
  • Time: 3 months


  • We converted the Test Checklist to Test Cases and Test Scripts for Automation Suite.
  • To optimize the Test Case/Scenario building for different customers with combinations of similar functionality, we built a Single Code Base that caters to ‘n’ functional changes for different requirements (combinations).
  • We also created Test cases for standard Functionality/Databases representing most customers.
  • Then, we performed Automation regression tests.
  • Built an application configuration requirement sheet that would represent similar functionality with probable different field names.
  • We created a Test case plan and prepared for new features generated due to each new customer requirement.
  • Finally, we performed Compatibility Testing for multiple browsers like Internet Explorer and Chrome on Windows OS.


  • We ensured a scalable solution – A Single code base for handling any functional customisations and derived an optimised test case break-up for manual and automation scenarios.
  • While typical customisation would take up to 80 reusable tests with different field names and 20 brand-new features, we identified the potential fields appearing in different conventions (holding the same functionality) – reducing test effort by over 80%.

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