Why Should I Check for Cross-Browser Compatibility with Game Testing Services?

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Game development is one of the most dynamic and sought-after careers in the world. The ability to create your own worlds, manage complex interfaces, and customize interactions in your game make it extremely worthwhile and provides a high-level is gratification for anyone involved, especially your consumers at the end of your process. No one thinks that this high-level of game development is easy, and finding issues with game testing services is guaranteed to be part of the laborious process of developing a great game. Logix Guru understands what it takes to make sure a game is functioning the way it’s supposed to, which is why we’re here to stress the importance of designing for cross-browser compatibility in game development. Why is cross-browser compatibility so important, and how does it work? We’re here to break it down for you.

What is Cross-Browser Compatibility and Why Do I Need It?

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Cross-browser compatibility is exactly what it sounds like: the ability for your game - or software or website - to function on any browser your user may choose. This type of non-functional testing spans across the most popular browsers in the world to lesser-known browsers that gamers use to maximize their experience.

Think of it this way. Have you ever gone on a website only to be told “this site is designed for Safari” or to realize the site doesn’t work on your browser altogether? Most of us have experienced the hassle of having to switch from our preferred browser to use a website, play a game, or interact with software. With a lack of cross-browser compatibility, your user has to either toggle back and forth from the site to their preferred browser or download a new browser itself. Not only is this awful UX, but it can easily turn away customers from a variety of non-vital interfaces.

In other words, nearly everything on the internet requires cross-browser compatibility to ensure that your users to not become over fatigued or impatient when trying to play your game, use your software, or explore your website. Additionally, cross-browser compatibility affects your SEO, meaning its vital to ensure compatibility when looking to grow your traffic and audience.

Why is Cross Browser Compatibility Important in Game Testing Services?

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Think about the aforementioned hoops that users have to jump through to view a website that does not have cross-browser compatibility. Downloading the new browser and toggling between the new browser and your preferred browser takes a lot of time and energy. While users are willing (while not thrilled) to do this for important websites like online banking, important research, and integral work software, people are less likely to be willing to put up with a lack of cross-browser compatibility when it comes to playing a game that they use just for fun. This goes hand-in-hand with basically any site used for entertainment, and if you won’t design your game with cross-browser compatibility, your competitor will.

Cross-browser compatibility is just one aspect of game testing services, though. Game testing services involve both functional and non-functional tests, including tests on logic flows, zooms, visuals, resolution, special effects, and so much more, which means it is a vital part of the game development process that cannot be glanced over.

What Does Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing Typically Look Like?

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Typically, cross-browser compatibility testing is an automated process completed with special software that game testing services companies use. Using automation here is almost crucial because of the sheer number of browsers and the high volume of testing that compatibility testing calls for. Using this automated process saves time and covers more browsers in less time. Additionally, automation here reduces human error and can be more thorough when testing compatibility. This efficiency makes an automated game testing service more cost-effective overall. However, human oversight allows companies who provide game testing services the ability to make double checks and identify why errors may be occurring. 

Cross-browser testing, however, is not a once-and-done deal. Browsers are constantly updating to provide more features to their users, meaning your game could experience issues after updates. A good provider of game testing services looks out for browser updates and completes compatibility testing accordingly, making sure your game is always functioning correctly.

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