Top 5 Reasons Why Job Seekers Should Use IT Staffing Agencies

Logix Guru

Finding a job can be incredibly stressful. Who hasn’t ever felt like they hit a wall after sending out dozens of applications to employers with no response? After weeks and maybe even months of going nowhere, it’s hard to avoid falling into a pit of despair. Without something or someone there to guide you in the search process, it can be hard to figure out what steps you should take next in the job hunt. That’s where staffing agencies come in. One of their primary motives is to help you find a job that matches up with your education, skills, and overall career goals. Their other primary objective - to help businesses find and recruit talent that will benefit their team -  only adds to their genuine desire to help you find a job. 

If you are an IT professional looking to take the next steps in your career, then you should begin to research IT staffing agencies for assistance with your job search. If you aren’t sure whether working with an agency is for you, that’s okay. Logix Guru, one of the top IT staffing agencies in Pittsburgh, explains how helpful a staffing agency can really be. 

1. IT Staffing Agencies Allow You to Connect With Other Industry Professionals

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Everyone knows how important networking is. But seeking out people who are also interested in connecting with others in their respective fields can be tricky. And since obtaining a job interview, or even just getting your resume looked at, sometimes has a lot to do with who you know at the company, being bereft of relevant connections can leave your application forgotten in the pile. Staffing agencies provide the perfect environment for you to network and develop strong, long-term relationships with likeminded people in your field. Any co-worker or supervisor you meet at the staffing agency or temporary company placement can be your “in” into another opportunity further down your career path. 

2. There is a Hidden Job Market Within Agencies

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Some employers will only hire candidates through staffing agencies. This means that there are hundreds of jobs available that you won’t be able to see through online or public job listings. Instead, they will be listed through staffing agencies. You don’t want to miss out on these lucrative opportunities, especially if one might be your next job. Plus, thanks to this hidden job market, using an agency will allow you to bypass the tedious tasks of sending dozens of resumes out to different employers and entering the same information into online applications. Only staffing agencies can open this whole new world of jobs and opportunities to you. 

3. You Can Cut Time Spent Waiting to Get Hired

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Did you know that some companies take up to 6 months to hire someone for a position? While not all companies take that long—some only take a couple of weeks while others take several months—the process can still feel pretty long. But because reputable IT staffing agencies, such as Logix Guru, have access to hundreds of hiring managers and companies, they can get your resume to these important decision-makers in an instant. When it comes to searching for a job, time is money. A day, week, or month spent without a job will dwindle your bank account due to the lack of money coming in. So the faster you are able to secure a job, the faster you are able to return to enjoying a reliable income. 

4. Using a Staffing Agency is Free

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There are a variety of online job boards out there that require users to pay a monthly fee in order to access their job postings. While there is nothing wrong or illegal about these boards, they may not be worth the investment. Spending money just to apply for a job doesn’t make sense and you are still likely to be competing against hundreds of other applicants anyway. Thankfully, reputable IT staffing agencies will never ask you to pay for their services. 

Agencies, including Logix Guru, will instead use their professional expertise and industry knowledge to give you helpful feedback that will allow you to grow professionally while helping you find your next dream job. And while you still run the risk of having your resume dumped into a black hole after submitting it to a paid job board, you can rest assured that a staffing agency will make sure your resume is seen by a hiring manager. 

5. They Will Give You Constructive Feedback

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As we mentioned earlier, staffing agencies specialize in helping you develop into a star candidate. They will give you feedback on everything from your resume, to your portfolio, to your job interview skills. All of this is done with the knowledge of what their own clients are looking for in prospective candidates. Remember to not only listen to their advice but to really make an effort in following it. Doing so will greatly increase your chances of obtaining a job. 

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to using a staffing agency. If you are interested in finding one for yourself, then you have come to the right place. Logix Guru has helped hundreds of clients in the Pittsburgh area since 2000. We take pride in being able to find the perfect matches for companies and job seekers in a variety of areas, from IT to finance to engineering. For more information on how Logix Guru can help you find your next job, visit our website today