Tips to Fill Your Healthcare IT Department with the Best the “Y Generation” Has to Offer

Logix Guru

Millennials sometimes get a bad rap, but with the oldest of us sitting solidly in our 30s, we’re currently the largest working bloc by age demographic in the United States. It’s the doomsday scenario: millennials have taken over. Have no fear; your healthcare business can survive the new world order, but it might take some getting used to. If you’re looking to staff your IT department with the talent of our new, glorious generation it’s time to make some changes to your staffing methodology that can attract the -- often skittish -- sensibilities of millennials.  

This is what the staffing methodology experts at Logix Guru are here to help you do. We’ve put together this article to help your staffing department attract the next generation of IT talent. In this article we’re going to be looking at 2 simple needs:

  1. How to get ‘em
  2. How to keep ‘em

With these in mind, let’s get started filling your healthcare IT department with the best the Y Generation has to offer.

How to Get ‘Em

It can often be difficult to attract new talent from any generation, but millennials are changing the way we think about work. Just googling the word “Millennial” will produce thousands of op-eds detailing the ways we’re “doing work wrong”. With millennials being the lion’s share of working-age adults, however; these changes are no longer the silly entitlement of the youth but the expectations of the american workforce. If your healthcare business can’t bend itself to the expectations of the workforce, you have no hope of finding new talent -- let alone keeping it. Here’s a few staffing methodology tips on finding some millennial talent and how to attract them to your healthcare business.

  1. Form relationships with local IT schools and universities
work meeting people shaking hands

There’s no better place to find new talent then at the source. We all remember coming out of school. The insecurity often felt by those fresh out of school often translates to frenzied job searching. Tech students are going to be thinking of jobs at Google, IBM, Facebook; your healthcare business is already starting from the back of the pack. You need your name at least out there if you want anyone to think of you when the time comes to find a “real adult” job.

Form relationships with local IT training schools and universities. Make regular appearances at job fairs and recruiting events. Employing this staffing methodology is how you’re going to shake the most hands and see the most youthful faces. It’s absolutely essential for any IT staffing strategy looking to bring on more young talent.

  1. Participate in local IT forums
it forums
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Another oft untapped source of young talent is online forums. Job seekers -- especially the technologically literate -- frequently share career advice on online forums. Infiltrating these forums and presenting the opportunities available at your business can lead to untold success regarding your staffing methodology.

Find a local IT job forum and make it known to all who seek one that there are jobs -- good jobs -- available at your healthcare business. You won’t believe the response you’ll get from potential employees when they see you coming to their level to meet them where they are.

  1. Appealing office space
office space
Floorplan taken from Software Advice webpage

Ok, so you have resumes in hand and you’ve made some calls. Your freshly caught millennial just gave a stunning interview, and you see the shining possibilities of the future in their plucky young face. You take them on a tour of the office, and you get to the IT department -- where they’ll be spending most of their time. You open the door to reveal a broom closet with 2 cubicles and what looks like a sun-starved goblin that shakily greets the new meat. You’ll turn to find a puff of smoke roughly in the shape of your new recruit.

It’s no longer acceptable to provide a corner with no windows, a desk and a desktop from 1998. Remember, when it comes to new tech recruits, you’re competing with the likes of Google, Microsoft and Apple. We’re not suggesting you have to have a twisty slide that ends in a pool of retriever puppies, but the space where you stash your IT staff has to look like someplace someone can spend 40 hours a week. Consider what you present to your employees. If you can’t bother to invest in a plastic fern, what does that say for your investment in your employees’ success?

How to Keep ‘Em

In a 2018 survey by Deloitte, 43% of millennial respondents said they planned on quitting their current jobs within the next 2 years. Another study by Future Workplace says 91% don’t see themselves staying at their jobs for longer than 3 years. Getting a job out of school and staying there until retirement is not the millennial way. Everyone has their own opinions as to why or how companies can counter the trend, but the fact is millennials saw the value of our parents’ loyalty in 2008, and it made many of us cynics. Millennials are looking for a partnership with their employers and they’ll quit until someone gives it to them. With this in mind, let’s take a look at how to keep your millennials once you’ve hired them.

  1. Embrace industry standard
original apple x computer
Picture taken from TurboFuture

This has to be one of the biggest turn offs to new millennial recruits. If the lack of a decent floor plan is a red flag, a lack of industry standard technology is an air raid siren. Outdated or cheap software tells a new recruit 2 things:

  1. This company has and will cut corners when it comes to the IT department
  2. This company more than likely does not listen to the IT department

Every business needs to trim costs. It’s a fact of life. This is not the place to do it. Industry standard software is industry standard for a reason. No matter how much you’ve heard a cheaper option does the same work -- it doesn’t. You must supply your IT department with the tools they need to work for you. Doing otherwise will only cost you more in turnover.

  1. Be open to the innovation your new employees develop
staff meeting large group listening to speaker at a whiteboard

You want your IT staff to feel like they’re doing work that matters. Regardless of what you pay them, millennials want to feel important. This means you’ll want to listen to them. If a new recruit comes to you with a plan to automate, to update, to change the status quo; you listen, and you take them seriously. The last thing a millennial wants is to see resistance to change. Young people don’t work for years to develop IT skills so they can endlessly tell your other departments if they tried restarting their desktop. Listening to your IT millennials will not only keep them around, it might just make your business run better.

  1. Offer retraining and continued education options
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A great way to show your new IT professionals that you care about them and their careers is to offer training programs. Technology is in evolution. Maintaining an education is not only crucial for IT professionals to stay up to date; it shows your employees you’re willing to invest in them so they can invest in you. You’re offering more than training. This is security. This is the partnership millennials look for. When they find it with your healthcare business, they’ll gladly settle down and work with you right up until retirement.

These are the secrets to a staffing methodology that finds and keeps millennial IT professionals. Changing the way you hunt for and treat your employees is key to this successful staffing methodology. By following these tips, finding your way through the new Y Generation workforce will see your healthcare business to success.