The Top 10 Industry Software Speed Testing Tools

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The modern business has to be doing everything at all times and the speed of light. If it takes longer than the snap of my fingers, then we’ve already wasted valuable time and money. With the pressures of modern business pushing ourselves into warp speed, businesses are looking to pick up the pace anywhere they can. This is especially true in regard to software. The most potent tools we have in this age of lightning business are our software networks. So if our software isn’t running at full steam, we aren’t achieving our full potential. This is where the QA experts at Logix Guru see many businesses needing help -- with speed testing. With the potential for automated processes growing, it’s no wonder Logix is suggesting fully automated speed testing for businesses trying to push the limits of productivity.

To help you get started on your quest for higher speeds, Logix has put together this list of automated speed testing software that’s already helping industry giants with their need for speed. Here are the top 10 software speed testing tools.


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Selenium is one of the oldest and most popular tools in test automation. It is the go-to tool for web application testing and a great tool for frequent regression testing.  Selenium Webdriver, a web automation framework, can be used to execute powerful browser-based regression automation tests.

Many organizations prefer Selenium because the tool is compatible with various programming languages and can be integrated with testing frameworks. This and being open-source make Selenium a top contender for Logix among industry speed testing tools.


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Unified Functional Test (UFT) -- formerly known as Quick Test Professional (QTP) -- is a leading cross-platform test automation tool in the industry, and a top contender for Logix speed testing.

UFT provides regression and functional test automation for software applications and environments. It can be used to automate Desktop, Mobile, Web, Net, SAP, ActiveX, Flex, Delphi, Java, Oracle, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, PeopleSoft, Siebel, Stingray and many other applications.

UFT is a preferred tool because of its distinguishing features such as Keyword driven framework, Business Process Testing, Robust checkpoints, XML support and test results.

Katalon Studio

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Katalon Studio is a popular open-source test automation tool for web and mobile environment. Katalon works on top of Appium and Selenium, thus enhancing the features of those tools like user-friendly IDE, object repository, object spy & browser plugin. It can also be integrated with other tools like qTest, Kobiton, Jira, Git, Slack, and many more.

Katalon Studio offers both free and paid options for businesses and enterprises support services making it a top speed testing tool for the QA experts at Logix.

Silk Test

Silk Test
Picture taken from BordlandSilkTest twitter

Silk Test is a test automation tool from Microfocus used for automated functional and regression testing. It is known for its speedy, efficient and high-quality test automation as well as its support for cross-browser and mobile testing.  What makes Silk Test a top speed testing tool for Logix is it provides collaborative test design environment via keyword driven testing.


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Squish has become the latest sensation at Logix for its speed testing capabilities. It is the number one choice for organizations when it comes to GUI Test Automation worldwide. This commercial GUI and regression testing tool is known for its powerful IDE and comprehensive support for major GUI technologies. Squish is a 100% cross-platform tool with full support for all mobile, desktop, web and embedded platforms.

Test Complete

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Test Complete is a functional test automation platform developed by Smart Bear. Test Complete gives software testers the ability to create automated tests for Web, Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android applications. The QA experts at Logix say Test Complete is one of the easiest to use speed testing tools when it comes to automated UI testing. The highlight of this tool is that it can execute parallel regression tests with automation builds and create stable regression tests.

It can automatically schedule and run regression tests without human intervention. It also cuts down the testing time and training costs significantly.


Screen capture taken from Ranorex Studio webpage

Ranorex is an all-in-one GUI test automation tool from Ranorex Studio. It is used for end-to-end testing on mobile, desktop and web application. The smart object recognition feature, which can automatically detect any change in the UI, is the standout feature of this tool.

Other prominent features include early bug finding, reusable code modules, easy test recording, seamless integration with other tools, and easy to use editor. It has a robust reporting feature and it is easy to use for beginners with a codeless click and go feature. It is also used for cross-browser testing.


Screen capture taken from Appium webpage

Appium is another popular open-source mobile speed testing tool at Logix for all native, hybrid and mobile web apps for iOS and Android. Appium is a great choice for test automation framework as it can be used for all these different app/web types. It is considered the best mobile test automation tool in the market right now. Fully customizable and can be used according to our requirement, Appium is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing speed testing tools in the industry.


SoapUI Pro
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As the name indicates, SoapUI is a widely used open-source test automation tool for SOAP and REST APIs. SoapUI is a functional testing tool explicitly designed for API testing by Smart Bear. It is known for its asynchronous testing, reusable scripts and powerful data-driven testing. The tool comes with an open-source and premium version. The premium version has some advanced features like SQL query builder, assertion wizard and form editor.


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EggPlant is a black-box GUI test automation tool. For software testers, Eggplant offers an assortment of test automation tools, which allows users to perform various types of testing. EggPlant Functional is for functional testing and EggPlant Performance for load, stress and performance testing. It can also be easily integrated with popular test management tools. With a single test script, EggPlant can create multiple device scenarios making it a favorite speed testing tool among the QA experts at Logix.

When it comes to quality assurance and speed testing, the experts at Logix Guru have you covered. We’ve put together this list of the top 10 software speed testing tools so your business can get ahead in the lightning fast market of today. For more with QA testing and a consultation contact IT Staffing and Q/A testing experts in Pittsburgh - Logix Guru, and see how your business can do business smarter.