The First Date with Logix Guru

Logix Guru

You saw them from across the street, and you knew you needed to get to know them. You got their number, and now you’re meeting for coffee. You’re nervous; what should you say? Will they be the right match? Will they be the perfect addition to your software development/testing team of IT staffing experts?

We’ve assembled this article to put your questions to rest. The experts at Logix Guru have everything you are looking for in a team of IT specialists, but sometimes you want to know more before striking a match. That’s why we’re going to be going over the Who, What, What 2.0, and How of Logix Guru — so you can be sure they’re the right team to solve your IT challenges.

Who is Logix Guru

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For almost two decades, Logix Guru has stood as a shining example of technological excellence in the fierce Pittsburgh tech environment. Since being founded in 2000, Logix Guru has committed themselves to the success of their clients — industry leaders throughout the Pittsburgh area and beyond — with a suite of services catered to the needs of modern businesses and their modern IT challenges. With partners in any field, they have the experience to solve whatever problems your business is facing. Experience in Healthcare, Banking, Tech, Life Science, Gaming and Education means they know your exact needs — because odds are, they’ve faced it before.

What Logix Guru can do for you

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Let’s get to the meat of what Logix Guru is currently doing for their clients, and what they could be doing for you.

We tend to focus on the big three when it comes to Logix Guru’s services: IT staffing, QA testing and application development. They’re blazoned on our home page, and they’re what people focus on when they think of Logix Guru’s services.

But did you know that our suite of technology services includes IT outsourcing, professional services, advisory services, and remote technical support? Logix Guru also brings significant experience to comprehensive application development, implementation and integration.

What Logix Guru has done for their clients

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This all sounds good on paper, but what about the real world? What happens when Logix Guru is tasked with tackling a problem with an actual client?

Let’s take a look at one of the many case studies available on Logix Guru’s webpage that you can read through and see the proof in the work.

In one such case study, Logix Guru was brought on staff by a non-profit healthcare industry leader that develops and delivers life saving medicines globally. During their time together, this client put specific QA testing challenges in Logix Guru’s lap — trusting them to put them to rest. They had problems with:

  • Inadequate testing time with no automated regression
  • Lack of a testing vendor to take care of end-to-end automation activities starting from automation planning, framework design, test script design, enhancements, fine tuning and maintenance
  • Lagging manual verification and comparison of data between excel sheet and application which ended up taking one man day
  • They needed to validate the authenticity of data that got populated in the application
  • Slow manual testing that took 21 man days to complete 1 cycle

Logix Guru knew the solution to these problems would have to be individually developed automation software — a big undertaking for some IT firms. Here’s how they responded.

  • Design and Implement Test Automation Framework
  • Regression at business process level
  • Create a unified process and model for web application security testing and risk modelling
  • Design, Create and upgrade a repository of re-use-able test artefacts
  • Design a framework for data validation using MS-Excel & Automated Test reporting with Screenshots for auditing purposes
  • QoQ' improvement in % automation and coverage

Each of the client’s needs were addressed, and each of their challenges overcome by the talent and expertise of Logix Guru’s development and QA testing team. The client was able to perform their testing more efficiently in a fraction of the time it would normally take. This allowed them to save untold time and money so they could put those resources into the life saving services they needed to focus on.

How to partner with Logix Guru

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Logix Guru has serviced the greater Pittsburgh area for almost 2 decades, and have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Constantly looking to the future — and the successes to be had there — Logix Guru is looking for more businesses to service and aid through their IT challenges. There are a few ways to reach out to the experts at Logix Guru:

  • By phone
  • 724-733-4500
  • By email

Be sure to contact them soon with any questions you might have or any challenges your company is currently facing. They want you to feel secure in your choice to partner with them and they love finding solutions to their clients’ problems.