5 Things that Can Help Pittsburgh App Developers Get Hired

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Event with a highly applicable degree, great education, and experience, it can be hard to find a job in today’s job market. This is not any individual’s fault - especially that of the one applying - due to the sheer number of job applicants for any position. According to ZipJob, there are as many as 250 applicants for a single position. Nearly 75% of those applicants are automatically weeded out by applicant tracking systems, and only a hand full of those applicants are offer and interview.

These aren’t great odds, which is why Logix Guru is here to give you tips to help Pittsburgh App developers increase their chances of finding and landing a great job. Check out these great tips to help Pittsburgh app developers stand out amidst the pack.

Using a Staffing Agency

Pittsburgh App Developers Benefit Greatly from Staffing Agencies

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One of the most under-utilized tools available for job seekers in 2019 is the staffing agency. While Pittsburgh app developers and other tech specialists often have a variety of job offers simply due to their skills and expertise, this gives them more of a reason to use a staffing agency. Staffing agencies bring job applicants access to a variety of exclusive  job opportunities that are not listed elsewhere, making it easier to find a rewarding job in your field. Staffing agencies are a trusted resource by both companies and Pittsburgh app developers, meaning if you can working with the agency to get your foot in the door, you’ll have access to a variety of great positions and the ability to leverage the job agency’s liking of you during your interview process.

Logix Guru is one of the most trusted staffing agencies in the Pittsburgh area specializing in tech and information technology staffing. Pittsburgh app developers have great luck working with Logix Guru, and it’s completely free for job seekers! Take a look at our job listings page now to see the great positions we have to offer.

Experience and Internships

Build Up Your Resume and References with Internships

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It’s no secret that you should do everything in your power to load your resume with experience and internships. However, Pittsburgh App Developers often have a one-track mind when it comes to garnering great experience. Not every piece of experience has to be ‘internship at Google’ caliber of greatness. Employers like to see variety and a wide number of skill sets. Even experience at small companies, programming for your family business, or volunteering to teach children the basics of HTML at the Boys and Girls club are all great experiences that you can use to spruce up your resume.

Great Connections

Begin networking with Other Pittsburgh App Developers

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Getting a job in 2019 is all about who you know. This is exactly why LinkedIn has become such a huge aspect of the job search for job hunters across all industries. But it’s not enough to simply have the high-prestige ‘500+’ connections next yo your name -- it’s about making these connections count.  It’s worth it to find a few companies you may be interested in, reaching out to a senior-level developer, and asking them about their job experience. Strike up a conversation about your job hunt, what advice they may have, and ask whether they know of any opportunities available in their company or another. Using these small connections to open up your network is the key to finding your foot in the right door at the right time.

If LinkedIn isn’t working for you, try the good-old-fashioned networking event. There are plenty of networking events and happy hours all throughout Pittsburgh guaranteed to tee you up with the right people who can help push you toward incredible opportunities.

A Passion Project

Pittsburgh App Developers Set Themselves Apart with Personal Projects

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There’s a reason you became a software developer in the first place. Put it to use! In the time you’re spending hunting for a job, we encourage you to take on a passion project of your own. Develop the next-big-thing in gaming apps, a meet-up style app for people looking for quick volunteer opportunities, or create a framework for a better version of your favorite messaging app. Employers like to see initiative and passion for what you do, and the best way to do this is to show them you are driven and capable of creating spectacular products. This is especially important if you don’t have a solid level of experience yet  because it gives you a great talking point for your upcoming interviews.

Your next career opportunity could be right around the corner with these great tips for finding a job. Pittsburgh app developers looking for a great career should check out Logix Guru’s job listings page to see the great opportunities available that could change your life!