4 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out in the IT Industry

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The IT industry is expanding faster than anyone ever expected. This means a lot of things for our economy, but one thing it means for you is a world of job opportunities. With the market growing fast, staffing agencies are frequently brought on in places such as Pittsburgh where IT is on the rise. These staffing agencies in Pittsburgh, however, are being inundated with applications so much so that your resume may not get more than a few seconds in the hands of a staffing agency. You must make an impression, and a fast one. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 4 ways to make your resume stand out in the IT industry, so you can impress those staffing agencies in Pittsburgh.

Know your lingo

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Many staffing agencies like the ones in Pittsburgh use something every job prospector has nightmares about: automatic filtering systems. These systems sweep through your application, looking for keywords that can either mark you as a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ all without any staffing agent straining their eyes to look at your documentation. Often times -- especially in IT -- those keywords that will land you a ‘yes’ are common industry jargon e.g. developed, managed, integrated, analysis. Those nice big words that make you sound impressive.
You don’t want to over do it, though. This advice is coming directly from Lisa Rangel, managing director of ChameleonResumes.com. She says these buzzwords may get you past the filters, but staffing agencies in Pittsburgh and similar industry rich cities are all too familiar with keyword stuffing. If it’s evident these words are being haphazardly used to slip a filter, you’ll get binned for sure. Make sure your keywords are natural and effortless so once you get to the actual staffing agency, you’ll have a better chance of success.

Tailor your resume

Resume example
Screenshot taken from Business Insider webpage

If you’ve been looking for a job for any amount of time, odds are you’ve seen something like the picture above. A resume outline detailing how your resume should look to catch the eye of the staffing agency who receives it. They almost all include a section on “Executive Summary” or your intentions for applying or your career goals.

Also if you’ve been looking for a job for any increased amount of time, you’re likely to ignore this advice. We know. It can be overwhelming having to rework a resume every time you apply to a new position, but it’s absolutely essential. The fact of the matter is, we live in a buyer’s market in the world of job hunting. It can be hard out there for anyone trying to sell their time and skills. If not you, then a staffing agency like those in Pittsburgh need only wait for the next application. You must court these positions, and nothing says lackluster courtship than a generalized, cookie cutter resume. Staffing agencies like those in Pittsburgh want to see that they are wanted. Put in the effort and you’ll be rewarded.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a quote from Laura Smith-Proulx, a professional resume writer. "Tune your resume to this specific role, with substantiating detail that shows why you are a great fit for the position.”

Don’t overdo it

Resume example overdone
Screenshot taken from UNMcareerblog

“[You] can use color in a conservative manner to make your resume visually differentiated from the sea of documents the recruiter will review," says Lisa Rangel, but you don’t want to go overboard. Color is a good way to stand out; even bright color can be acceptable in certain industries. It’s never a good idea to be visually displeasing, however. If you’re going to do it, it needs to look good at least, and at most, it needs to be restrained. You’re going for professional here, remember. Standing out is important but not at the expense of taste.

Cover letters Cover letters Cover Letters

Cover letters

It should be a known maxim: unless they say not to, always always always write a cover letter.  

Here’s a crazy thing most people don’t know: many staffing agencies -- like the ones in Pittsburgh -- won’t even consider a candidate who hasn’t written a cover letter. It sounds disheartening, but it should be taken as an opportunity. A resume can be stifling to the narrative you need to show that staffing agency in Pittsburgh. A cover letter is your chance to freely build that narrative and land the job. Especially in an oversized industry like IT. Remember, your’s is one resume among thousands. You need to personalize yourself. Make yourself real so the staffing agency tasked with finding talent like yours sees you.

Finally, it can never hurt to get professional help. The experts at Logix Guru have the experience to help you on your path to your career. Their clout in the Pittsburgh IT industry is sure to conquer any staffing agency and get you where you’ve been trying to go.