100% Successful Regression Testing for a Banking Application


A leading bank and a reliable liquidity provider to member financial institutions to support housing finance and community investment required regression testing for their application.


  • The client required a comprehensive regression test suite which could be automated, reused and maintained and a manual test for the various business workflows of the banking application like Account Transfer, Electronic Fund Transfer, safekeeping transactions etc.
  • However, the application was subject to periodic new feature additions, policy changes and updates. The updates/ new requirements were to be supported for manual and test automation.


  • Automation Tool: QTP 

    Duration: 1 year of Testing and 6 months of Automation maintenance 


  • We started with a thorough understanding and knowledge transfer on the business workflows.
  • We prepared and executed over 3000 test cases across 12 business workflows.
  • We created an automation suite for regression tests of the same.
  • We also supported new change requests, retests and regression tests post-defect fixes.


  • We ensured 100% Test coverage for all modules/workflows.
  • The output was defect-free. And our expert preparation of the Automation Test suite reduced the regression effort by 80%

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