IT Staffing

As the IT market becomes even more competitive, it has become increasingly difficult to recruit and maintain quality IT talent. Logix Guru has had significant success in assisting our clients with all of their IT staffing needs. Our processes and experiences enable us to identify and qualify only the top talent to address your specific needs.

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QA & Testing

Logix Guru's software testing practice focuses on end-to-end testing of packaged applications on functional, security and performance perspectives. We deliver software quality assurance in a business process context and independent standpoint. Our Subject Matter Experts, with strong domain, knowledge, consulting approach and extensive tool expertise ensures unbiased software quality of the highest order.

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Healthcare Staffing

Logix Guru's Healthcare Services division helps place qualified candidates in both the Nursing and the Allied Health fields. We also help facilities find the right staff to assist in supporting their supplemental staffing needs. Whether you are an employee looking for a great career opportunity, or a facility in need of staff, Logix Guru can help with its tailor-made programs and flexible scheduling.

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Logix Guru is a full-service mobile design and development company building world-class mobile solutions on different platforms for smartphones and tablets across different domains and industries. With a very strong focus on User Experience (UX) & UI Design, we have made world-class mobile solutions for industries ranging from healthcare, hospitality, travel, social media, retail, finance and many more.

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The thought behind the name: "Logix Guru"

Logix Guru means that we must naturally be logical in our thought, speech & action and possess attributes of Guru in competence, expertise, performance and perpetual learning. This is not because it is expected of us; this is who we strive to become individually.

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"Logix Guru provided quality offshore QA services for EBenefits Solutions, a division of UPMC, for over a year. Our web based application was fully scripted for over 1000 test cases and executed on a daily basis, providing us immediate insight to errors caused by code changes or bad data. Logix Guru also provided manual testing services, building and executing test plans for all our enhancements and new features. I found them to be very easy to work with and always prepared for our weekly planning meetings and would recommend them to anyone looking for QA services.

Mike (EBenefits Solutions, Director of Software Development)

"As UPMC's technical requirements have expanded, so have Logix Guru's solutions.

Logix Guru provides quality, dependable, reliable, and agile technology solutions and resources that always meet or exceed expectations. The solutions include contingent labor, recruiting services, consulting services, QA testing, and software development. Logix Guru has a global presence with service and support provided by local staff.

With Logix Guru, we have a successful partnership. They offer customer focus, expertise, and an eye toward the future of technical innovation. We have relied on Logix Guru for many years, and place a tremendous value on the business relationship we have with them. We look forward to this continued partnership for years to come.

Michael T. Ferguson, CPM

"Logix Guru has been of value and we have obtained the services of several productive contractors through the company.

Tom Ryan (Director of Software Development Askesis Development Group)

"I am happy and very satisfied with the outcome. I addition to that Logix Guru to my surprise was not just your ordinary head hunting service. You and Ravi are to be commended. You see there are extra steps that you take that the others do not. For example the follow-up, I never had to ask about the progress I was always informed. The interview prep with you and Ravi to help land the job. Meeting at the site on the interview day. Offering lunch. No strings attached no contract and nothing for me to lose. To be honest no other agency has given me this red carpet treatment. And on top of that I got the job and it was good and everything you promised. Believe me and dealing with 7 or so other agencies in my job hunting endeavor, none of them do this. The others set up the appointment, throw you to the wolves and hope for the best. I will and have recommended Logix Guru.

Chris Kevicki